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HemRelief Hemorrhoid Centers provide safe and effective hemorrhoid treatment to patients in and around the Tampa and Pinellas Park, Florida area. Patients looking for relief from itching, burning, swelling, and other symptoms related to this condition can find treatment in our dedicated offices. We specialize in hemorrhoid treatment and can offer patients a solution that few other doctors can.  IRC is non-invasive, requires no surgery, and involves no downtime. If you have been looking for a hemorrhoid treatment that is safe, effective, and covered by many major insurance programs, IRC might be the right fit for you. Discover more about this innovative care solution available from hemorrhoid doctor Linh B. Nguyen. Improved health and enhanced comfort is closer than you ever imagined.

Improved Treatment For Hemorrhoid Pain

IRC is an innovative approach to the treatment of this chronic and painful condition. It has many advantages that set it apart from other treatment options, including:

  • Non-surgical –  procedure can significantly shorten recovery time, allowing patients to return to normal activities immediately.
  • Fast procedure – takes only seconds to perform.
  • Less pain – fewer complications than rubber band ligation.
  • No hospital stay – relief from bleeding and discomfort of internal hemorrhoids right in your office, with a fast, safe, non-surgical procedure.

Infrared Coagulation(IRC) is a great alternative to surgical hemorrhoid solutions and has the advantage of being covered by most insurance plans. If you have questions about coverage, we can help.

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Hemorrhoid patients do not need to suffer in silence any longer. Safe, effective treatment is available close to home. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Nguyen today by calling (727) 209-0214 for our Pinellas Park office, or (813) 920-9799 for our Tampa office, or speak with a member of our staff for more information about IRC. We look forward to helping you take back your quality of life from hemorrhoids.

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“I feel a thousand percent better”. R.M. of Pinellas Park


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