Internal vs. External Hemorrhoids

Internal vs. External Hemorrhoids

Understanding The Difference

Hemorrhoids can appear internally or externally and, in some cases, both types can be present at the same time. While internal and external hemorrhoids can present vastly different physical symptoms, the reality is both types can cause extreme social and emotional pain. No matter which kind you have, hemorrhoid relief in Pinellas Park and Tampa from HemRelief Hemorrhoid Centers can provide fast, effective, and discreet treatment.

Internal Hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids appear above the dentate line inside the rectum. Because this lining does not contain pain sensors, these hemorrhoids often go unnoticed until a small amount of blood appears in the stool. In most cases, the only physical symptom associated with internal hemorrhoids is the presence of blood during bowel movements. This is not always true, however. While many internal hemorrhoids appear without a great deal of protrusion, those that do can produce a tremendous amount of pain.

External Hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids, on the other hand, are often extremely noticeable and come with significant pain. These protrude below the dentate line, which is an area that does contain pain-sensing nerve endings. Pain is not the only symptom associated with external hemorrhoids, as they can also cause:

  • Inflammation
  • Itching
  • Swelling

Additionally, they can turn into excruciatingly painful thrombosed hemorrhoids, which contain clotted blood and often require immediate treatment. No matter the grade of hemorrhoid, however, the worst symptom can be the embarrassment that prevents patients from seeking treatment. We here at HemRelief Hemorrhoid Centers want to eliminate this embarrassment and end your suffering in silence.

Stop Suffering In Silence Today

If you are suffering from internal or external hemorrhoids, you can treat your pain today by calling our committed team at (727) 209-0214 for our Pinellas Park location or (813) 920-9799 for our Tampa location. You can also reach us and request an appointment using our convenient online contact form. Our hemorrhoid doctor can help you alleviate your pain using the non-invasive Infrared Coagulation treatment method. Do not suffer in silence for another minute! Call HemRelief Hemorrhoid Centers in Tampa and Pinellas Park today!

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