Dr. Linh B. Nguyen

Dr. Linh B. Nguyen Doctor of Medicine

    A Lifetime of Dedication

    At HemRelief Hemorrhoid Centers, we devote all of our resources to helping those who are suffering from a deeply personal and difficult condition. Dr. Linh B. Nguyen has made it his life’s work and passion to provide his life-changing services to all those who are in need of his help. He is proud to use the IRC treatment system, which allows him to treat the condition with a less invasive approach. Thousands of patients have found the relief they so desperately sought with the help of this non-invasive approach

    A History Of Academic Excellence

    Dr. Nguyen’s path to becoming a noted Pinellas Park hemorrhoid doctor began when he graduated with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida in 1990. From there, he pursued medicine, graduating from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s Hahnemann University School of Medicine in 1994 with his Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree. He excelled in his medical training, which took place in Pennsylvania at the Pinnacle Heath Systems.

    A Meeting Of Interests

    When Dr. Nguyen earned his degree in electrical engineering, he could not have imagined the course it would set for his life. In 2005, he learned about the technique of using low electrical current to treat hemorrhoids. This process, known as hemorrhoidolysis, is done using IRC treatment. With his deep, fundamental knowledge of electricity, Dr. Nguyen has increased insights into how to apply this technology to provide the best individualized treatment for each of his patients. Today, he is proud to be further the field of hemorrhoidolysis by training other physicians from around the world how to use this system properly so many thousands more can receive the treatment they need.

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    Dr. Nguyen is dedicated to using his extensive experience to provide the highest standard of care to all of his patients. To find the relief you need, contact our office to schedule an appointment by calling 813-920-9799 for our Tampa office or 727-209-0214 for our Pinellas Park location. We look forward to helping you take back your quality of life from hemorrhoids.


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