Nutritional Strategies For Dealing With Hemorrhoids

October 20, 2016 Uncategorized 0

If you are suffering from hemorrhoids, you know how painful and uncomfortable they can be in any situation. While over the counter remedies can help treat symptoms, they rarely do anything to address the underlying problem. Ultimately, the best way to alleviate pain from hemorrhoids is to seek treatment, but in the meantime, focusing on diet can provide real, lasting results.

Using Food To Fight Hemorrhoids

When dealing with hemorrhoids, the last thing you want to do is have to strain to relieve yourself. Maintaining a healthy diet that eases with evacuation and keeps stool normal is a great way to minimize discomfort and can also avoid making the hemorrhoids worse. Additionally, diet can help to reduce inflammation, which can calm existing hemorrhoids. Some strategies for nutrition when dealing with hemorrhoids include:

  • High Fiber & Water: One of your primary goals is eating a diet that produces regular, soft stool and avoids constipation. This means that water and fiber are your friends: water keeps stool soft, while fiber prevents constipation. Vegetables like carrots or zucchini are perfect for this.
  • Fight Inflammation: To fight inflammation, cut down on sodium intake and reach for foods that are natural anti-inflammatories – berries and brightly colored vegetables shine here.
  • Avoid Refined Carbs & Sugars: Refined carbohydrates – like the kind you find in white bread – generally mean that the food has had its fiber and nutrient content removed, and foods with added refined sugar or sodium are generally both nutrient-poor and inflammatory. Avoid these to keep hemorrhoids in check.

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Diet is a great tool in battling hemorrhoids, but ultimately, the best way to alleviate the pain of hemorrhoids is through treatment. Our non-invasive hemorrhoid treatment helps to non-surgically combat hemorrhoids at their source. Contact us today to find out more about IRC treatment, learn how treating your hemorrhoids can give you your life back, and to schedule your own consultation. Do not suffer in silence any longer, contact us today!