What Athletes Need To Know About Hemorrhoids

August 23, 2016 Uncategorized 0

With the Olympic Games in full swing, people all over the world are coming together to watch the greatest example of human athletic achievement and friendly competition. The Olympics are an inspiring reminder of what people can accomplish with a lifetime of hard work and devotion, and for athletes, they serve as an inspirational beacon of excellence. For athletes suffering from hemorrhoids, however, they can be a reminder of how difficult competition or training can be with the pain of hemorrhoids.

How To Deal With Hemorrhoids As An Athlete

Hemorrhoids are a painful, sometimes debilitating condition, but with care and conscious effort, they do not have to stop you from training or competing. If you are an athlete suffering from hemorrhoids, follow these steps to keep them under control and allow you to continue following your passion:

● Stay Hydrated: This is a good tip for anyone, and it is doubly true for athletes with hemorrhoids. Staying hydrated is crucial to a healthy body and good exercise, and it also keeps stool soft, which minimizes pain.
● Choose Clothing That Will Not Irritate: Particularly important for endurance athletes, you will want to make sure your clothing is loose and comfortable so it will not put pressure on or rub against your hemorrhoids.
● Look For Fiber & Healthy Fats: Keeping a healthy and high fiber diet will help to soften stool, which will minimize pain. Avocados are a great food for this!
● Take Warm Baths: To soothe pain, try taking a warm bath or a sitz bath, where the water is only 2”-4″ deep to provide relief where you need it.

Contact Your Hemorrhoid Treatment Experts Today

Following these tips will help you keep your training going during this Olympic season, but the real solution is to get treatment. Hemorrhoids are a painful condition in general and they can be even worse for athletes, but with Infrared Coagulation treatment, you do not have to suffer in silence. Reach out to us at our contact page today to find out how Infrared Coagulation therapy can relieve your hemorrhoids and give you back your training and your life.